Italian Heritage Project, Guelph

Our story

The Guelph Italian Heritage Project is an initiative in collaboration with the Italian Canadian Archives Project (ICAP) and the University of Guelph, aims to collect and preserve the narratives and artifacts of Italian immigrants to Canada, and the Guelph-Wellington area specifically, while also instituting the participation of students at the University of Guelph and inviting the collaboration of members of the wider community.

Principal investigators:
Sandra Parmegiani
Sharon Findlay

The photographs represent layers of historical, social and personal meaning that affect how I choose to articulate the narratives of my grandparents’ lives.” “One of the most blatant issues that I must call attention to while pursuing this project is the fact that I am the descendent of the people I am studying. Because I am related to the subjects of my research, my maternal grandparents, I am innately emotionally tied to their individual stories.” ~Alaina Osborne