Welcome to Italian-Canadian Narratives Showcase

    The Italian-Canadian Narratives Showcase (ICNS) is an initiative born in 2019 at the University of Guelph. Inspired by the work of ICAP (Italian-Canadian Archives Project), ICNS presents Italian-Canadian individual and collective histories and provides examples of different ways in which public and privately held materials —writings, photos, newspaper articles, documents, professional tools, everyday objects, etc. can be used to share the Italian-Canadian contribution to Canada’s evolving narrative, past and present. Projects reflect Italian-Canadian experiences from across Canada and they are meant to spark ideas for how public and personal materials can be shared with Canadians and the world. ICNS is a platform for communities, academics and individuals to share their curated Italian-Canadian materials, to draw experiences between generations, to teach students and to alert researchers to the wealth of experiences that reside in Canada.

    ICNS is hosted at University of Guelph. 

    Contacts: Sandra Parmegiani (sparmegi@uoguelph.ca) and Sharon Findlay (sfindl01@uoguelph.ca)