Waterloo Projects: St. Jerome

Welcome to the Waterloo Italian Heritage section of the Italian-Canadian Narratives Showcase. Here, we proudly showcase ongoing research and initiatives by students, researchers, artists and community members based in Waterloo Region. Our focus is on celebrating the lived experiences, culture, and art of Italian Canadians living in diaspora.

We’re excited to see this collection of narratives, oral histories, artistic expressions, and cultural celebrations continue to grow as the Waterloo section of the Italian-Canadian Narrative Showcase evolves. 

B&W photo of a boy on a horse

Student Oral History Interviews: Italian Language and Italian Studies students at Saint Jerome’s College (University of Waterloo) embarked on an immersive journey led by Dr. Roberta Cauchi-Santoro. Their research delves into the heart of the Italian community in Southwestern Ontario and beyond, uncovering immigration experiences through oral history interviews. Explore recorded interviews, transcripts, audio, and photographs in our digital exhibit on the Italian-Canadian Narrative Showcase community website.

Anna Ciardullo Villapiana’s Poetic Journey: Anna Ciardullo Villapiana, based in Waterloo, has published a beautiful book of poetry titled Narrarsi altrove, viaggio tra i cimeli e i luoghi dell’anima (Narrating Oneself Elsewhere: A Journey Through Mementos and Rooted Places).
Her poetry celebrates Italian Canadian experience through six selected poems shared in our collection. These poetic responses are inspired by accompanying images. Click above to explore Anna’s evocative work.