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Waterloo Oral History Interviews

Exploring Italian Heritage: Showcasing Experiential Learning in Italian Studies at Saint Jerome’s University

Discover the immersive journey undertaken by Italian Language and Italian Studies students at Saint Jerome’s University, on the University of Waterloo campus, through engaging experiential learning research. Delve into their firsthand exploration of the Italian community in the Waterloo region, uncovering immigration experiences through interviews, collected memorabilia, and insightful research.

Witness the evolution of a digital exhibit on the St. Jerome’s University library webpage, showcasing recorded interviews, transcripts, and captivating photographs from the project. Students collaborate to curate profile pages for select interviews, fostering a deeper connection between the university and the Waterloo Italian Club, as well as the Italian Canadian Archives Project (ICAP), Waterloo Chapter.

This initiative not only highlights ongoing undergraduate community-engaged research but also aims to strengthen ties with the Italian community while mapping its historical significance and contemporary relevance. Join us in celebrating the vibrant Italian heritage and the profound impact of experiential learning in Italian Studies at SJU.