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The Quiet Immigrant Project

The Quiet Immigrant Project is beginning a new rotating installation exhibit which celebrates and tells the stories of Italian women immigrating to Canada. The exhibit presents an opportunity to hold a dialogue about identity, community, education, legacy, and culture. The physical exhibit will be in place from February 1-April 11, 2024 at the Vaughan Civic Centre Resource Library. There will also be a digital social media campaign set for 2024, which celebrates 52 women over 52 weeks. Links to the Quiet Immigrant Project’s website and social media can be found below.

The curator of the Project, Laura Libralato, also has two talks planned for the exhibit. The ‘meet and greet’ participatory workshops or TABLE TALK, are set for Saturday February 3rd @ 2pm and Saturday March 23rd @ 2pm. 

Listen, Learn and Leave a Lasting Memory

Join Laura Libralato, curator & Lorena McNamara project coordinator/manager as they discover and discuss The Quiet Immigrant Project. A project and rotating exhibit which goes beyond nostalgia — where impactful conversations and compelling and vivid recollections have been documented by the matriarchs who surround us.

Read and listen to the stories and tributes and PARTICIPATE in the various interactive installations throughout the run of the exhibit and by sharing a TRIBUTE: write, film or audio record be part of this living and vivid exhibit that is sure to teach, touch and captivate.

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