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Interview With Beatrice (Galardo) Ladyk


May 25, 2011


Columbus Centre



Interview With Beatrice (Galardo) Ladyk

During World War II, Beatrice Galardo’s father, Emilio Galardo, and her brother, Pasquale Galardo, were arrested at the family photography studio in Sudbury, ON. Pasquale was released from jail, but Emilio was taken to Camp Petawawa where he was interned for one year. Subsequent to Emilio’s arrest, police arrived at the family home and searched through his belongings. The reason given for Emilio’s detention was his membership in an Italian club. Beatrice’s mother and brother tried to visit Emilio twice, but were turned away both times. In order to sustain the family during Emilio’s absence, Pasquale worked at the photography studio, while Emilio’s wife took in boarders. Beatrice describes her father as a different, much quieter man after his release from Petawawa.

Beatrice (Galardo) Ladyk briefly speaks about her early life in Copper Cliff and her family’s move to Sudbury.

Beatrice (Galardo) Ladyk describes her neighbourhood and speaks about her school and church.

Beatrice (Galardo) Ladyk speaks about the arrest of her father and brother and her father’s eventually internment.

Beatrice (Galardo) Ladyk speaks about her father’s internment and describes the changes she noticed in him upon his release from the camp.

Beatrice (Galardo) Ladyk describes how her family coped during her father’s internment.

Beatrice (Galardo) Ladyk speaks about how her father’s character changed after his return from the camp.