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Interview With Norman Mascioli


May 10, 2011


Columbus Centre



Interview With Norman Mascioli

Norman Frank Mascioli was born in Montreal in 1924, and is the son of internee, Antonio (Tony) Mascioli, and Ninetta Mascioli. Both of his parents were from Cocullo, Italy, and his father came to the Timmins area to work in the mines around the time of World War I. Tony was later in business with his brother, Leopoldo (Leo) Mascioli, a successful Timmins businessman who was also interned as an enemy alien. During this interview Norman explains that his father was interned twice: first for a period of nine months, before being released after a trial and was then arrested and interned again a few months later for a short period of time. Norman believes he was only home for a few weeks before unexpectedly being taken away again, and the second internment was more difficult on his mother than his first absence. Norman tried to visit his father a few times during his internment – he was able to see him through the bars of his jail cell in Timmins, but unable to visit with him in Toronto. Norman’s mother, however, did drive to Petawawa on a monthly basis to visit her husband while Norman was away at school. He explains that he did not face any discrimination for being Italian while growing up in Timmins, but that there was an incident during the war period involving riots and violence against local Italian Canadians.

In this opening clip Norman Mascioli introduces himself and talks about his parents and his father’s migration to Canada.

Norman Mascioli discusses his father’s work in the mining community in Cobalt, ON.

Norman Mascioli speaks about his parents, siblings and uncle Leopoldo Mascioli and describes their early life.

Norman Mascioli speaks about his uncle Leo Mascioli and how Leo and his father Tony began their own businesses.

Norman Mascioli speaks about life in Timmins, ON.

Norman Mascioli speaks about the school he attended in the Moneta neighbourhood in Timmins, ON. He also describes the ethnic make-up of the town.

Norman Mascioli talks about working for his uncle Leo at Mascioli Construction in Sudbury after completing university.

In this clip Norman Mascioli speaks to the character of Leo Mascioli and Tony Mascioli.

Norman Mascioli discusses how his father assisted the Italian Canadian community in the years prior to the war and became involved with the Italian Consul in Timmins.

Norman Mascioli recalls an incident between Italians and the English miners in the Moneta.

In this clip Norman Mascioli speaks about his father’s arrest after Italy’s war declaration.

In this clip Norman Mascioli speaks about his father’s internment and trial. He then goes on to explain his father’s re-arrest.

Norman Mascioli speaks about how his family reacted to his father’s internment. He describes life in the camp for his father and explains that his mother would visit him at the camp while his uncle Dan attempted to garner the release of Tony and his uncle Leo.

Norman Mascioli talks about other family’s and friends in the neighbourhood who were affected by the internment. He says that no one ever talked about the internment but that he knew some of the other families struggled during the period.

Norman Mascioli talks about the reasons why his father, uncle and other community members were interned.

Norman Mascioli describes the events that took place in the Moneta after Italy joined to war on the side of Germany.

Norman Mascioli speaks about his father’s release from camp and return home. He also shares a few stories about life in the camp for the internees.

In this clip Norman Mascioli speaks about his father’s re-internment.

In closing Norman Mascioli mentions that his father Tony and uncle Leo were never interested in seeking compensation after their release.