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“Personal Interview of Ettore Fiore on Construction in Toronto” ~ by Victoria Lamanna

Personal Interview of Ettore Fiore on Construction in Toronto

(19 February 2019)

“When I first came to Canada, I did not speak any English. I was 26 years old. Construction was the first and only job that was offered to me. I took it and immediately started working on high rise buildings downtown. Eventually, we started on the CN Tower and Metro Convention Centre. I worked alongside hundreds of Italian men.”

“I had never worked a day of construction in my life. In Italy I worked as a cook on a ship. I was not used to the awful weather conditions Canada had to offer. I got injured on the job more times than I can count. It was very tough at first, but I had to do it for my family. All of the Italians were doing it for their families. Family was what I had, and all I wanted.” – Ettore Fiore