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Stories from the Community: Italian Canadians in Their Own Words

In the Fall of 2021, students in the HUMA3800/ITAL3800: Italian Heritage and Digital Applications course created their own projects aimed at capturing and preserving stories from Italian Canadians, in their own words. Below are the links to the projects composed by Lauren Prezio and Antonio Spadafora. More projects are forthcoming.

The Story of an Italian Canadian Immigrant: Romana Prezio

Written by Lauren Prezio, Fall 2021

Preserving Italian Traditions with Rosetta Vescio

Written by Antonio Spadafora, Fall 2021

The Immigration Story of Maria Pirillo

Written by Gabriella Clarizio, Fall 2022

My Nonna’s New Life in Canada

Written by Rebecca Flaminio, Fall 2022

Portrait of a Family: Angelo, Maria, and Domenic Dotto

Written by Jingyi Long, Fall 2022

Michelle Alfano’s Parents’ Journey to Canada

Written by Kiya Fujimoto Nolan, Fall 2022

A New Home: The Inspiring Story of Norina Trabucco

Written by Nicole Pacella, Fall 2022